Polk’s got game

From volleyball to cross country, baseball to mountain bikes, Polk County sports venues have been full.

“We’re in the sweet spot right now,” said Neal Duncan, “we’re enjoying a lot of business.”

According to Duncan, the current success of the PCTSM sports sales staff is simply sowing the seeds planted during the start of the pandemic.

“My staff aren’t order takers,” said Duncan. “Since the start of the pandemic we’ve stayed in touch with sports organizers. Thanks to these open lines of communication, we’ve been able to assist them in numerous ways, including providing sports fields while other counties around us have stayed closed.”

But don’t call it poaching.

“If the shoe were on the other foot we’d be doing the same thing,” said Duncan. “From Hillsborough to Pasco and Pinellas and beyond, we all know each other. The big thing is not only keeping the business in the state, but keeping these small business owner sports organizers alive so we can all thrive later on.”