Golf enjoys pandemic renaissance

One of the positives coming out of the pandemic is that participation is outdoors sports has significantly increased. PTSM has followed the research and has heavily targeted several of these markets with great success.

Blessed with seemingly countless good golf courses and many outstanding ones, Polk County remains a popular golf-focused getaway destination.

For 19 years, our partnership with the Florida Golf Alliance and Destination Media Inc. has helped keep Polk top-of-mind for golfers that range from the simple duffer to the aspiring pro.

“Golf has been an integral part of our marketing plan since the beginning,” said Mark Jackson, the director of Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing. “Golf is the ultimate flexible experience. It can be the reason for the trip, or an add-on. You can play a quick nine-holes or spend the whole day on course. It can be time with the guys, a couples thing, or an outing for the whole family.”

But while the last year or so has been spectacular for the golf business in Florida, trouble may be ahead, due to the continued disruption in both the meetings and conventions travel segment as well as overseas travel, said Gary Jones, the founder and CEO of the Florida Golf Alliance and a trusted source for the golf advertising industry.

“Golf travel is constantly changing. However, golfers are loyal to their sport, resilient and are willing to keep plans no matter what,” said Jones. “Today, customers are consistently surrounded by advertising whether they pay attention to it or not. It is not simply about interrupting people.  It is about engaging them at the right time and place when they are paying attention and delivering a compelling message that creates an impact.”