Florida Senior Games will feature many athletes from Polk County

TALLAHASSEE – When the 27th Annual Florida Senior Games begin on Saturday, Dec. 1, the Polk County area will be represented by athletes competing in 25 sports, over nine days in Clearwater.

Approximately 2,600 athletes, from age 50 up, will compete in 17 different locations in Pinellas County from Dec. 1-9. The 2018 games – which serve as a qualifier for the 2019 National Senior Games – have been held in Pinellas County since 2015.

In total, athletes come from eight countries, 47 states and 262 Florida cities will compete over the nine days of events.

More than 9,700 athletes have competed in the game during the past four years.

Among the 156 athletes competing are:

Janet Brown, of Lakeland, who earned the 2015 FSG Female Athlete of the Year and has won a gold medal in 15 of the last 16 years. She won a silver medal in the 2014. Brown, a golfer, shot the overall lowest women’s score of the Florida Senior Games, a 72 in 2004.  She won a National Senior Games gold medal in 2005.

Henry and Linda Armstrong, of Lakeland, are the most prolific Florida Senior Games shuffleboard players in the history of the games. In 2017, they each won their ninth singles gold medal, dating back to 2005 for Henry and 2007 for Linda. The 2017 gold medals came in the 65-69 age group for both. They have also teamed to win six doubles gold medals between 2006 and 2017.

Polk County area athletes competing in the 2018 Florida Senior Games, presented by Humana

Leonel Gutierrez, 5K Road Race, Track & Field, Davenport

Viatcheslav Oulianov, Archery, Lakeland

John Boyer, Archery, Lakeland

Dale Keene, Archery, Lakeland

Johnny Perdue, Archery, Alturas

Henry Pierce, Archery, Auburndale

Densel Landrum, Archery, Davenport

David Henry, Bag Toss, Lakeland

R. Askew, Bag Toss, Lakeland

Wayne Iles, Bag Toss, Lakeland

Dan Shepherd, Bag Toss, Lakeland

Bobby Bearden, Bag Toss, Auburndale

Ralph Domras, Bag Toss, Winter Haven

Claudette Braswell, Bag Toss, Basketball Shooting, Horseshoes, Lake Wales

Calvin Lawrence, Bag Toss, Horseshoes, Table Tennis, Track & Field, Lake Alfred

William Gene Reagan, Basketball Shooting, Lakeland

Rick Leipply, Basketball Shooting, Lake Wales

Garland Reynolds, Basketball Shooting, Golf, Frostproof

Charles Laycook, Billiards, Lakeland

Chuck Hall, Billiards, Avon Park

Tom Kerins, Billiards, Davenport

Larry Waalewyn, Billiards, Haines City

Art Miller, Billiards, Lake Wales

Robert Hallfin, Billiards, Lake Wales

Joyce Ilczhyn, Billiards, Lake Wales

Raymond Rupertus, Billiards, Winter Haven

Michael Campbell, Bowling, Lakeland

Paul Charbonneau, Bowling, Lakeland

Wesley Burrow, Bowling, Lakeland

Randall Gregory, Bowling, Lakeland

Michael McGraw, Bowling, Lakeland

Barbara Gnegy, Bowling, Lakeland

Gloriann Dickinson, Bowling, Auburndale

James Harrison Jr., Bowling, Bartow

Richard Coleman, Bowling, Lake Alfred

Edward McNulty, Bowling, Lake Alfred

Judy Demerski, Bowling, Lake Wales

Tommy Cruz, Bowling, Winter Haven

John David Ramsey, Bowling, Winter Haven

Terri Stein, Bowling, Winter Haven

Jean Baldwin, Bowling, Winter Haven

Tom Smith, Bowling, Davenport

George Bullo, Bowling, Lake Wales

Donald Lowry, Bowling, Bowling Team, Lakeland

Michael Prunier, Bowling, Bowling Team, Lakeland

Clay Gillem, Bowling, Bowling Team, Lakeland

Lisa Polonczyk, Bowling, Bowling Team, Lakeland

Lisa McGraw, Bowling, Bowling Team, Lakeland

Theresa Rainwater, Bowling, Golf, Haines City

Thomas Rainwater, Bowling, Golf, Haines City

Anthony Demerski, Bowling, Golf, Lake Wales

Leslie Shelton, Cycling, Lakeland

Chris Little, Golf, Lakeland

Janet Brown, Golf, Lakeland

Kenneth Kemp, Golf, Lakeland

Richard Pepin, Golf, Lakeland

Lionel Pepin, Golf, Lakeland

Bennie Boutwell, Golf, Lakeland

Ronnie Hall, Golf, Lakeland

Steve Criss, Golf, Lakeland

Larry Frosch, Golf, Babson Park

Joseph Albright, Golf, Bradley

Linda J. Del Valle, Golf, Dundee

Susan Wells, Golf, Haines City

Dick Cheney, Golf, Winter Haven

Manley Nipe, Horseshoes, Haines City

Carl Nordquist, Horseshoes, Haines City

Robert Yost, Horseshoes, Winter Haven

Tina Ryan, Pickleball, Lakeland

Ken Black, Pickleball, Lakeland

Cheryl Offidani, Pickleball, Lakeland

Alan Black, Pickleball, Lakeland

Patrice Lui, Pickleball, Davenport

Laurel Woodbury, Pickleball, Winter Haven

Donald Woodbury, Pickleball, Winter Haven

Mark Codd, Powerlifting, Lakeland

John Alderman, Powerlifting, Auburndale

Greg Harrelson, Powerlifting, Bartow

Joan Mann, Powerlifting, Polk City

Jacky Grayson, Racquetball, Lakeland

Dan Shupsky, Racquetball, Lakeland

Ken Drew, Racquetball, Winter Haven

Barbara Allen-Coil, Shuffleboard, Lakeland

Donald Woodington, Shuffleboard, Lakeland

Henry Armstrong, Shuffleboard, Lakeland

Roy Packard, Shuffleboard, Lakeland

James Tredway, Shuffleboard, Lakeland

Nancy Foley, Shuffleboard, Bartow

George Leisure, Shuffleboard, Davenport,

Terry Madden, Shuffleboard, Davenport

Yvonne Ponton, Shuffleboard, Davenport

Sheila Quirk, Shuffleboard, Table Tennis, Lakeland

Julius Aulisio, Swimming, Lakeland

Leander Aulisio, Swimming, Lakeland

Robin Wickman, Swimming, Lakeland

Kathleen Keen, Swimming, Bartow

Alan Phillips, Swimming, Table Tennis, Davenport

Mike Hodges, Table Tennis, Lakeland

Gary Bartlett, Tennis, Lakeland

Denise Maqueira, Tennis, Lakeland

Anand Rao, Tennis, Lakeland

Earl Harry, Tennis, Auburndale

Barry Recht, Tennis, Davenport

Bettye Sykes, Tennis, Fort Meade

Scott Campbell, Tennis, Haines City

Joanne Collier, Tennis, Mulberry

Janet Platania, Tennis, Winter Haven

Vic Platania, Tennis, Winter Haven

Judi Whitaker, Tennis, Lake Wales

James Whitaker, Tennis, Lake Wales

Will Morrell, Track & Field, Lakeland

Jeffery Durden, Track & Field, Lakeland

William Benford, Track & Field, Lakeland

Janet Lamoureux, Track & Field, Lakeland

Web Phillips, Track & Field, Auburndale

Bob Pfeiffer, Track & Field, Bartow

Rob West, Track & Field, Mulberry

Rob Rehn, Track & Field, Mulberry

David Shields, Track & Field, Winter Haven

Loyall Wilson, Track & Field, Davenport